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What we do

OzBox Fitness is a Clevedon based functional fitness facility providing fitness for everyone. We have a fully equipped Crossfit/ Functional Fitness Gym. We pride ourselves on our professional, highly qualified and experienced Coaches.

We want to prepare you for the challenges that you may face day to day, the unknown and unknowable. We recognise the needs of a full time mum, manual worker and professional athlete will differ by a degree, so regardless of your previous experience we offer a programme that is fully scaleable to suit you to increase your fitness in various means. Our goal is to improve individuals fitness level by focusing on functional movements - basically moving your body in the way it is meant to be moved. Our workouts are constantly varied combing metabolic conditioning (cardio),  gymnastic movements, Olympic weight lifting, kettle bells, bodyweight movements and much more. 

 At our friendly community gym, you will achieve great results in an Ego free environment. We also provide Crossfit for kids. It is a program using CrossFit methodology but completely designed for children. Teaching life-long skills and fitness, helping to produce a positive attitude to leading a healthy lifestyle. The most important thing to come out of a class is that your child has FUN!

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