Sam Osborne: Head Coach and Owner

Since establishing CrossFit OzBox 7 years ago, Sam has founded a community and fitness regimen that both improves health and fitness along with providing an amazing community of great friends.

Sam is a highly experienced and qualified coach having a degree in sport and PE (BSc Hons), CrossFit level 1 & 2, Burgener Olympic Weight Lifting Level 1, CrossFit Level 1 Gymnastics, NVQ 2 Gym Instructor and a level 1 rugby coach.

Along with his academic education, Sam has gained various sporting qualifications within rugby and the more general fitness sector. Sam has coached various sporting teams and groups within the local community using his skills within strength and conditioning to improve their performance.

“I enjoy coaching all classes at CrossFit OzBox with no particular favourite. The biggest enjoyment and satisfaction for me, comes from helping a member move better, achieve their goals and have fun whilst in my class.  My aims are to continually improve CrossFit OzBox as a whole, that including members, facilities, equipment and coaches. Personally, that also means furthering my own education with the aim to complete higher level qualifications in other areas of  health and fitness”

George Osborne: Coach

George is Sam’s youngest brother and currently coaches CrossFit classes on various evenings throughout the week. George is a qualified level 1 CrossFit coach and Burgener Olympic Weight Lifting Level 1 coach.

“I enjoy coaching Olympic weight lifting and gymnastics classes. They require coaching more technical based skills which gives you a buzz when they start clicking with people. I also really enjoy coaching weightless classes. I hope to further my coaching career in the near future and complete my CrossFit Level 2 coaching course”.

We are looking forward to working more with George in the near future. Being a natural athlete himself, he has a lot to bring to the table for anyone who wants to take their skills onto the competition floor.

Hannah Chorlton: Coach

Hannah is one of the newest members of our coaching squad but also one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated in her learning and development in the coaching field.


Hannah is a fully qualified level 1 Crossfit coach. She coaches our weightless and CrossFit classes on various evenings and provides some female input to our coaching team!


“I really enjoy coaching simple short sharp sprint workouts. People seem to enjoy it, which makes me enjoy coaching it more. I have some personal aims in my coaching development which I hope to work on in the next year, and would like to also develop my skills further by taking a Level 1 Gymnastics CrossFit qualification, and learning more about post-natal exercise”


We can’t wait to work with Hannah more over the next year, we think she has lots to bring to OzBox so watch this space!

Simon Johns: Coach 

Si has been coaching at OzBox for over a year now. He takes CrossFit classes on a Thursday and also runs CrossFit OzBox Kids through his own company We are Fun Fit! 

Si is a qualified CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids coach, and further educated in CrossFit Gymnastics Level 1 and BEd in physical education

“I Love the enthusiasm and enjoyment from the Kids classes, all about them getting fit whilst having fun. I also enjoy coaching all the adult classes, don’t know how they get up at 6am to train!!"

"The Next qualification I’d like to complete is my Level 2 CrossFit. My future plans are to continue to develop the Kids program and work with schools to help implement Functional Fitness within their curriculum.”

We love having Si around the gym and I’m sure you all do too!

Caroline Hirst: Coach

Caroline take classes on a Thursday evening including a CrossFit Class and Weightless Class. She is a qualified Crossfit Level 1 Coach.  

Here’s a little bit about Caroline 


“During the normal working week, I'm a veterinary specialist in small animal (dog and cat) emergency and critical care. I work for Langford Vets at the University of Bristol where I'm the lead senior clinician in the Intensive Care Unit.”


“I love CrossFit because there is always something to celebrate and something to work on. I love the community and inclusivity of the sport and I love having amazing athletes to inspire and look up to as role models.”


“OzBox is really special because of the exceptional knowledge and skill that Sam offers. He is inspiring as both a coach and an athlete and I feel that I can learn loads from him in both respects. Alongside this, the members are a brilliant bunch of people who are always ready to work hard and laugh hard. I feel very privileged to be on the Ozbox coaching team.”


What she didn’t mention is that she’s also one of the best Crossfit DJ's around!! So all in all, a fairly skilled human being! We welcome Caroline to our coaching team with open arms and we can’t wait to get her more involved and working with her to develop her skills further within the OzBox coaching team.